Just like us our pets can pack on a few extra pounds. Here are some tips to help keep your dog’s active.

Most human treadmills can be utilized for K-9 family members too. Make sure to take time to train you dog safely to use a treadmill, and never leash your pet to the treadmill.

Play fetch with an indoor safe toy like the Cute Lovely sound-able Plush . Add a little extra to the work out by throwing the ball up the steps!

Make meal time more fun and stimulating with some interactive Treasure Hunting puzzle toys!

Create an indoor agility course for your pup out of things around your house.

Have a play date with one of your dogs 4legged buddies.

Hide some of your dog’s favorite treats around the house and put his natural instincts to work sniffing them out.

Rotate your dogs toys so he stays interested and doesn’t get bored.

Visit your local pet store for some socialization and a long walk through the aisles.


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