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[expand title=”Getting Started” rel=”Getting Started”]

[expandsub2 title=”How to Change name on Account” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

To change the name on your user account

Go to the Account Settings section of your account

Click Profile

Click Edit

Enter the new name you’d like to use

Click Save Changes

Please keep in mind that promotional or offensive usernames aren’t allowed and using one may result in the closure of your account.[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”What is a User Account” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

You’ll need to sign up with Luvzpets by creating a user account in order to write reviews, post photos, or use any of the features beyond searching Luvzpets.

A user account on Luvzpets is for personal, non-commercial use of the website, and should not be used to promote a business, website, event, etc.

Business owners interested in using Luvzpets should read about business accounts first. However, we do permit business owners to have personal user accounts, but they cannot be used to promote their own business, nor should they be reviewing other businesses they engage with as part of their own.[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How do I use Luvzpets Support Center” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

You can find answers to our most frequently asked questions here in the Support Center – including questions about claiming a business page, updating business information, reporting questionable content, and many more.

To get started: use the search bar above, or navigate through the topics in the sidebar.

Tips for Searching

Our search is keyword based, so the more concise the better! Try narrowing your inquiry down to the basics, and make sure you’re not making any spelling errors. Examples of a good search:

‘add friends’

‘claim business’

‘confirm email’

Are you in the right place? If you’re here to find great local businesses, you’ll want to leave the Support Center and search the main site at[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How do i Sign up for Luvzpets ” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

The instructions below are for creating a personal user account as a consumer on Luvzpets.

Once you sign up, we’ll send a confirmation message to the email you provided. You’ll need to click the confirmation link in the email before your reviews will appear. Be sure to check your spam folder and any other email tabs if you don’t see this email in your inbox.

If you don’t receive a confirmation message or run into other trouble with your account, please contact our Support team.

Go to My Account at the Top Right

Click on the Register and enter your name, email address, password, and zip code and then click Sign Up

Follow the steps on the next pages to add a profile photo and find friends on Luvzpets[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How do I confirm my email address” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

To confirm your email address on Luvzpets, you’ll need to follow the instructions that are emailed to you when you sign up. If you’re having trouble locating this message, please make sure to check any email folders or filters you may have set up, and double check that you’re checking the correct email address (for example, you may have used a work email address instead of a personal one when registering).

For personal user accounts, you can also resend an email confirmation by going to the Email Accounts and Notification Settings section of your account. If there is an unconfirmed email address on file, it will be listed with a Resend Confirmation link next to it.

If you’ve already tried this, or if you’re unable to confirm your email address, please contact our Support team.[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How do I change the email address I use to log in to my user account” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to the Account Settings section of your account

General Tab.

Add or edit your email address at the top of the page

Save Changes[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How do I change the password for my user account” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to My Account

General Tab

Change password (and email if you choose)

Click save changes[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How to Post Luvzpets Blog” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to Account settings

Click on Blog

Click add new post

The in review tab, show your blogs waiting for review from admin

The drafts tab, is your blogs that you saved as drafts[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How to add an Event” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to add events tab

Click add an event

Add the relevant information about your event

Check Accept our Terms and Conditions

Click Review your Listing

Make sure your listing information is correct

Then Click Submit listing[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How to add a Listing” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to add listings tab

Click add a listing

Add the relevant information about your listing

Check Accept our Terms and Conditions

Click Review your listings

Make sure your listing information is correct

Then click Submit listing[/expandsub2]


Signing up, verifying and updating your account, resetting your password – everything you need to know to join the ever-growing ranks of Luvzpets in your community and beyond.

[expand title=”Friends And Followers” rel=”friends and followers”]

Learn how to connect with your friends and follow your favorite contributors

[expandsub2 title=”How do I message someone from my user account” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Navigate to the user profile of the user you’d like to message

Click Send Message

After drafting your message, click Send[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How do I send a Compliment to another User” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

You can send and share your appreciation for a review or photo by sending a compliment to a user.

To send a compliment from a user page

Log in to your user account

Find the user’s profile page

Click Send Compliment

To send a compliment about a review, photo or Talk post

Log in to your user account

Find the review, photo or Talk post that the user posted

Click Send Compliment underneath the user’s name or hover over the review you want to compliment[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How do I unfriend someone or cancel a friend invite” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to the Account Settings section of your account

Click Friendship tab

Click the Cancel Friendship to the right of the friend’s name

You can also view or cancel your pending friend invites in the Notifications tab.[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How to Follow Users” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to Members Page

On the right of user name, find the follow button

Click the follow button[/expandsub2]

[expandsub2 title=”How to See who is Following you/ and who you follow” rel=”submenu-highlander”]

Go to Account Settings

Tab following will show who you follow

Tab followers are who follows you[/expandsub2]




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